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Tempest Championship Chess Pieces. 3 modern classic styles to choose from. All 3 are based on the classic Staunton silhouette - the standard for all tournaments played worldwide. They are heavy weighted, professional sets with 3.75" tall kings. Inspired by the sets that debuted at 3 super tournaments of the modern era. Tempest designers re-touched and re-interpreted the sets used at these 3 tournaments:

1959 Zagreb Candidates Match (in which Tal emerged victorious ahead of 4 former and future world champions, and 4 additional super GMs, this set was said to be Fischer's favorite and is a very simple, sleek example of the eastern european sytle of opposite colored fineals but unlike soviet sets of the era, the Zagreb site is pure/modern and not ornamental in the least. Which makes it perfectly in line with Tempest's design philosophy. We are proud to offer our slight design touches on this classic set.

 1972 Reykjavik - World Championship Match (in which Fischer defeated Spassky)

2013 London - World Championship Candidates Match (in which Carlsen emerged as the candidate to fight Anand for the title - we know that turned out). Of these 3 modern classic staunton silhouetes
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