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Tempest Game Clock

A premium clock controller with sophisticated software that runs on your own smart devices. Tempest adds modern competition-style timing to classic games.


The best thing to happen to game timers since the hourglass.

Just Swipe-to-Set and Play: sudden death, increments, delays, OT, byoyomi, advanced tournament time control periods, chess960. All made simple.


Tempest Deluxe $79

The finest materials. No compromises.

Made with premium genuine leather and crafted from a block of solid black walnut. Each Tempest Deluxe is unique, with variations in both leathers and woods. Natural materials patina beautifully with use. It's internally sound dampened and weighted with heavy gauge steel, fully lined with non-slip silicone. As refined as it gets and worthy of its place alongside any of your most valuable sets.

Tempest Classic $49

Our gold standard is all black.

Bundled with the same software and made with the same smooth rocker mechanism as the Deluxe edition, Tempest Standard features ultra-smooth synthetic (vegan) leather on a durable polycarbonate base. Finished in contrasting matte and high gloss piano black. Full-sized non-slip silicone pad. Weighted with heavy-gauge steel. Tempest is refined and battle ready. It's your move.

“Amazing and Unusual. The analog is as perfect as the digital.” -WGM Dina Belenkaya

“It’s odd that game clocks haven’t evolved. In some ways, they’ve gotten worse.”



I'm a big fan. it's really slick, and so easy to use. I really think it will revolutionize chess on the go.

WIM Fiona Steil-Antoni @fionchetta

Yo! This is Fire!

James Canty III @GMCanty

It's super easy to set, even in bullet games it doesn't move around. It's a really good playing experience.

Epiphany Peters @marichess

For me, this is a 10 out of 10! I actually love my Tempest clock. I'm always super excited to use it.

WFM Tihana Iveković

In 30+ years of competition, I've tried every clock there is. Tempest is the simplest and sleekest yet.

FM Marcel Milat

App included with purchase. Compatible with iPhone & iPod Touch 5 & up and all Android phones (4.4 KitKat and above).