Boards – Tempest Clock

A full, regulation-sized, tournament-approved hardwood board, that's portable too? Yes!

PORTABLE The board splits in half in a second (split size is just 9.75” x 19.5”) making it a perfectly portable fit with our included custom messenger bag.

FULL REGULATION SIZE Official tournament regulation sized 2.25" squares. (pairs well with large 3.75” King-height pieces - sold separately). Full size is 19.5” square outer dimension including the border.

GORGEOUS HARDWOODS Solid black walnut border with contrasting maple and walnut squares. Protected with a smooth matte PU coating. As gorgeous to touch as it looks.

BEAUTIFUL DETAILS Black metal inlays add a touch of elegance to the solid walnut frame. A luxurious, thick, charcoal felt backing similarly protects your playing surface, and elevates the look and feel of the board.

RUGGED GEAR BAG INCLUDED You also get the stylish Tempest All-In™ weatherproof messenger bag (included). Custom designed to protect the MagSplit™ board and features 4 tactical pockets up front for pieces (not included), Tempest chess clock (not included) and Tempest Scorebook (included)

INNOVATIVE MAGNET CLASP SYSTEM The board has strong embedded magnets hidden in it. They snap and hold the 2 halves strongly together with an invisible seam (unlike hinges that always leave a big unsightly gap down the middle) Tempest MagSplit boards have zero gap. Invisible and seamless. People are surprised when they realize it splits into two, and how strong the magnets are.

BATTLE-READY AND DURABLE Included is a tactical messenger-style bag (we call “All-In”). Constructed of rugged 600D Nylon and weatherproofed with a PU coating. It’s PVC free and features a padded, protected pocket for your MagSplit board.

WEATHERPROOF Both board and bag are PU coated for added water resistance in all conditions.

PREMIUM SCOREBOOK INCLUDED You also get our premium 200-page scorebook to archive your greatest strategic victories and most agonizing defeats. Printed on archival quality 150g stationery (thick enough to not see writing through both sides). Embossed black hardcover, top spiral bound designed to lay flat for note taking beside the board. As refined as a chess scorebook gets.

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